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The Feminine Code Business School is an 8-week intensive online immersion into building a successful business the feminine way.

The Feminine Code is an unprecedented way of creating and running a business - inflow, and in tune with nature's cycles and your authentic truth.

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Welcome to The Feminine Code Business School

The Feminine Code Business School is an 8-week intensive online immersion into building a successful business the feminine way. The Feminine Code, created by Kate Murphy, is the first training of its kind using practical business frameworks that are woven together with the feminine wisdom of nature and its cycles.

This is a strategy and business building training - it is not an online marketing course. You will learn to create and grow a business in-tune with the lunar cycle, the seasons, the elements and the woman’s own cycle. The Feminine Code course is practical for building and growing your new business or for helping you elevate the business you are already running. By channelling the power of The Feminine Code, you will gain the tools to go after your dreams.

What is included in the 8-week online training?

The Feminine Code is comprised of 8 core phases, or modules. The training includes live sessions with Kate, video lessons, meditations, practical business frameworks, worksheets and energetic healing modality trainings that are taught in-line with the phases of the moon.

Each week you will also be given exercises related to the business theme, as well as the energetic theme. There is also an option for an Intensive which includes 4 one-on-one consulting sessions with Kate.

The Feminine Code Curriculum

Phase 1: New Moon | A New Beginning

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Create a strong foundation for your journey learning about the moon phases, seasons, directions & the elements.

⊙ Combine the masculine and feminine benefits and balance them in business.

⊙ Explore self-trust in your daily meditation practice.

⊙ Create your own custom Power Map™and your own personal moon cycle map.

⊙ Learn how to free yourself of energetic blockages that are holding your back.

⊙ Lay a clear foundation for your new business (if not yet created), or create clarity on your current path using your empowered feminine energy.

Phase 2: Waxing Moon | The Feminine Business Cycle

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Understand the traditional business cycle through the lens of the lunar cycle.

⊙ Harness the power of the feminine in your daily Womb Meditation.

⊙ Analyze internal and external attributes of yourself and your business through the B.O.S.S Analysis™ Framework.

⊙ Make better business and life decisions guided by your own intuition and intuitive tools.

⊙ Balance the feminine energy & cycles of the body through a specific dynamic meditation.

Phase 3: Full Moon | Illuminating Money Stories

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Establish your business' Vision, Mission and Values through the Vision Vesica Picis™Framework.

⊙ Get clear on your Vision through a Dynamic Dreaming™ exercise.

⊙ Manifest your business' success from an authentic and true place with the daily Abundance Meditation.

⊙ Detach from your socio-economic past and transition onto your new journey through de-patterning your money beliefs and stories.

⊙ Connect live in the first Feminine Code Circle ceremony on the first full moon of the Training.

Phase 4: Waning Moon | Deconstruct to Grow

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Create and/or clearly define your product and service offering using the Elements of Offerings™ Framework.

⊙ Utilize the modality of breathwork to identify and abolish energetic blockages around Pattern Release.

⊙ Release yourself from egoic attachments through a dynamic meditation.

⊙ Discover ways to drop into an abundance mindset and state-of-being. This practice will be valuable for the rest of the training and beyond.

Phase 5: New Moon | Rooting to Rise

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Budget through the Sacred Spending™ Framework.

⊙ Clearly define your client, both on an energetic and demographic level through the Sacred Client Star™ Framework.

⊙ Make decisions around how to invest in your venture and how to manage real costs.

⊙ Use three different Divine Feminine tools of the priestess to cultivate abundance.

⊙ Connect through your third live call in this week's Feminine Code Circle ceremony, aligned with the new moon.

Phase 6: Waxing Moon | Branding Your Truth

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Communicate your venture to the world, using the Energetics of Branding™ Framework.

⊙ Understand essential elements of visual identity and how to embody your own brand authentically through the right channels for you.

⊙ Create a branding vision board and explore the visual identity of your business.

⊙ Connect deeply with the seasons in your daily meditation.

⊙ Understand how to truly practice gratitude away for creating more abundance in your life and telling your authentic story.

Phase 7: Full Moon | Manifesting Your Message

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Set your product or service offering's pricing through the Purposeful Pricing™ Framework.

⊙ Understand your annual earnings based on your pricing.

⊙ Unlock your truth through your daily meditation.

⊙ Communicate your message to the media.

⊙ Leverage digital marketing tools to bring your product or service to the market.

Phase 8: Waning Moon | Activating Your Vision

In this Phase, you will learn to:

⊙ Bring all of our learnings together using the Sacred Eight Business Model™ Framework.

⊙ Create an actionable plan through Sacred Scheduling™

⊙ Manage your business activities through the feminine cycle, helping you accomplish more than less.

⊙ Get clear on your future through your daily meditation.

⊙ Utilize breathwork as an embodiment practice.

⊙ Connect live on your final live Feminine Code Circle ceremony and Q&A session.

Results from the Training

The goal is to assist you in stepping into your feminine power to create and run a business in a revolutionary way. The online training has been created for entrepreneurs and for women who are in the process of finding a way of sharing their unique gifts with the the world. You will learn how to embody your great gifts without having to follow the guidelines of an outdated patriarchal system.

The Feminine Code Business School is a deep dive into business strategy and your energetic body, combining the two so that you can build a successful business from a place of truth and authenticity. There is nothing on the market like this.

Unlock Your Feminine Code

You will connect with your own Feminine Code, leaving you feeling more empowered to create your life and business in line with your true self - without hitting burnout and overwhelm.

Build Your Community

Join a community of likeminded women who are changing the way we do business in the world. Seek support, guidance and connection in our online home.

Start & Grow Your Business

By the end of the training you will have created a business plan based on your authentic values and true self. It will act as the basis for your current or future company’s growth trajectory.

Clear Your Blocks

Using energetic healing modalities, meditation and connecting to whats greater than ourselves, we will make space for our dreams by clearing out the blocks.

Who Teaches The
Feminine Code?

Meet Kate Murphy, BBA, MBA, entrepreneur, CEO and student of spirit. Kate spent her career starting up, running and growing businesses in a variety of fields, seeing first hand how the feminine was missing. Kate’s mission is to grow the wisdom of the feminine in entrepreneurs and business women alike, so that business becomes more authentic and beneficial for the world at large.

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